Benchmark Price’ for Minor millets - The Hindu - 27/01/23
2023-01-27 21:35

Context: Considering the increase in the cultivation of millets, the Centre may soon announce a benchmark price for minor millets produced in various… Continue Reading

Rare Earth Elements Discovered in Sweden - IE - 17/01/23
2023-01-17 23:21

Context: Recently, Sweden’s state-owned mining company LKAB has discovered Europe’s largest deposit of rare earth metals. Relevance: GS1 About… Continue Reading

Deep-Water Circulation - The Hindu - 16/01/23
2023-01-16 22:30

Context: Recent studies have indicated that tectonically driven changes in the ocean gateways had a dramatic impact on the global overturning circula… Continue Reading

Cold Wave - IE - 12/01/23
2023-01-12 20:47

Context: Delhi and other parts of northwest India have been reeling under a Cold Wave since the beginning of 2023. The lowest minimum temperature re… Continue Reading

Land subsidence - IE - 10/01/23
2023-01-10 23:35

Context: The exact reason behind Joshimath land subsidence is still unknown but experts cite unplanned construction, over-population, obstruction of … Continue Reading

How climate change fuels tropical cyclones - The Hindu - 09/01/23
2023-01-09 20:49

Context: It is clear that climate change increases the upper limit on hurricane strength and rain rate and that it also raises the average sea level … Continue Reading

Joshimath Land Subsidence - The Hindu - 09/01/23
2023-01-09 18:42

Context: Due to land subsidence, Joshimath - a key transit point for tourists travelling to Badrinath and Hemkund Sahib - developed cracks, causing p… Continue Reading

Rubber plantations in affecting monkeys, vegetation, suggests paper - DTE - 05/01/23
2023-01-05 19:07

Context: The research article, Impact of Monoculture Rubber Plantation on non-Human Primates and Plant Diversity in South Tripura, has warned against… Continue Reading

Heat Dome - IE - 05/01/23
2023-01-05 18:46

Context: Several countries in Europe recorded their hottest January weather ever in 2023 with temperatures 10 to 20 degrees Celsius above average. Th… Continue Reading

Carbon aerosols increase glacial mass loss over the Tibetan plateau - The Hindu - 03/01/23
2023-01-03 23:03

Context: A recent study has found that Black carbon aerosols have indirectly affected the mass gain of the Tibetan Plateau glaciers by changing long-… Continue Reading

SAIME Initiative - The Hindu - 02/01/23
2023-01-03 08:47

Context: In Sundarbans, a new shrimp farming initiative offers hope for mangrove restoration. Relevance: GS1;GS3 About: ->SAIME Initiative: -Und… Continue Reading

Kalasa-Banduri Project - The Hindu - 31/12/22
2022-12-31 21:11

Context: The Govt of India recently approved Karnataka’s Kalasa-Banduri drinking water project which is facing opposition from Goa and Maharashtra.… Continue Reading

Cold Wave - IE - 31/12/22
2022-12-31 21:07

Context: Recently Indian Metrological Department (IMD) has forecasted severe cold wave conditions in some parts of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi… Continue Reading

Regenerative Agriculture - DTE - 27/12/22
2022-12-27 21:28

Context: Farmers in Madhya Pradesh who follow regenerative farming methods find that they reduce the need for frequent irrigation, which conserves wa… Continue Reading

Centre rules out an increase in MSP for cotton, but farmers seek more - The Hindu - 23/12/22
2022-12-23 23:38

Context: While cotton farmers in several states have called for an increase in the crop’s MSP, the Centre has stated that it is monitoring the cott… Continue Reading

60% of India prone to earthquake - DTE - 23/12/22
2022-12-23 23:30

Context: According to the Union Minister of State (independent charge) for S&T and Earth Sciences, around 60% of the landmass of India (covering all … Continue Reading

Arecanut - DTE - 22/12/22
2022-12-23 00:41

Context: A Lok Sabha member from Shivamogga district in Karnataka, urged the Centre to levy a hefty import duty on arecanut to check falling prices i… Continue Reading

Innovation in Agriculture - PIB - 22/12/22
2022-12-22 21:40

Context: Recently, the government of India has taken various initiatives related to Agriculture by using Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Inte… Continue Reading

Arctic Report Card: The Arctic Is Becoming Wetter and Stormier - IE - 15/12/22
2022-12-15 22:37

Context: This year’s assessment of Arctic conditions – the Arctic Report Card, which the US NOAA has produced since 2006, has highlighted rapid e… Continue Reading

Near-Earth Asteroid Ryugu - DTE - 14/12/22
2022-12-14 21:00

Context: A sample of a space rock called Ryugu that was carried to Earth in 2020 by the Japanese space agency’s asteroid sample-return mission, Hay… Continue Reading

Western Disturbances - IE - 13/12/22
2022-12-14 10:39

Context: Recently, the daytime’s temperatures in Delhi were above normal in December 2022 because of fewer Western Disturbances (WD). In winter, … Continue Reading

Interlinking of Rivers - The Hindu - 12/12/22
2022-12-13 00:46

Context: The government has approved the implementation of the Ken-Betwa Link Project (KBLP), one of the links under the Peninsular Rivers Component,… Continue Reading

Fertiliser Subsidy - IE - 12/12/22
2022-12-12 23:20

Context: High government subsidies are leading to excessive use of two fertilisers - Urea and Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP). Relevance: GS3 About: … Continue Reading

Behind Mumbai’s unusually foul air, changes in wind patterns - IE - 10/12/22
2022-12-10 20:48

Context: Over the last month, air quality in India’s financial hub, Mumbai, has been noticeably worse than in prior years, giving Mumbaikars a tast… Continue Reading

Heatwaves in India - DTE - 08/12/22
2022-12-09 14:00

Context: A new report by the World Bank suggests India could soon become one of the first places in the world to experience heatwaves that break the … Continue Reading

Cyclone Mandous - DTE - 08/12/22
2022-12-08 00:10

Context: Recently, it has been reported that a cyclone may impact the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts from 8th December 2022 onwards. Relevance: G… Continue Reading

Global Status of Black Soils: FAO - DTE - 07/12/22
2022-12-08 00:06

Context: The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) marked World Soil Day 2022 (5th December) with the launch of its first Global Status on Black So… Continue Reading

National Bamboo Mission - PIB - 07/12/22
2022-12-07 23:56

Context: Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture has formed an Advisory Group for streamlining the development of the Bamboo sector under the restructu… Continue Reading

Coastal Red Sand Dunes - The Hindu - 03/12/22
2022-12-03 22:24

Context: Recently, geologists have suggested to protect the site of Coastal Red Sand Dunes, of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Relevance: GS1 - Phys… Continue Reading

Regenerative Agriculture - DTE - 03/12/22
2022-12-03 22:19

Context: The importance of regenerative agriculture was emphasised in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on “Climate Chang… Continue Reading

Nagaland Statehood Day - PIB - 02/12/22
2022-12-03 13:19

Context: Recently, Nagaland has celebrated its 60th Statehood Day on December 1st 2022. Nagaland statehood day also marks the beginning of Hornbill … Continue Reading

Fujiwhara Effect - DTE - 30/11/22
2022-12-01 12:38

Context: With typhoon Hinnamnor and another tropical storm called Gardo, meteorologists observed a phenomenon called the Fujiwhara Effect. Typhoon H… Continue Reading

GM Mustard - IE - 29/11/22
2022-11-30 00:41

Context: Experts express concern regarding the recent recommendation of the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) for approval for the envir… Continue Reading

Rare Earth Materials - The Hindu - 28/11/22
2022-11-28 21:11

Context: Amid India's reliance on China for rare earth minerals imports, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has urged the government to encou… Continue Reading

El Nino - La Nina - The Hindu - 24/11/22
2022-11-24 21:40

Context: A new study projects that climate change will significantly impact El Niño-La Niña weather patterns approximately by 2030 — a decade bef… Continue Reading

Colour-Coded Warnings by the IMD-The Hindu-12-11-2022
2022-11-14 16:46

Colour-Coded Warnings by the IMD-The Hindu-12-11-2022 (Note: Read this topic from a prelim point of view ) GS-1 Physical Geography Prelim : Colo… Continue Reading

Center Restricts use of Glyphosate-The Hindu-11-11-2022
2022-11-11 17:35

Center Restricts use of Glyphosate-The Hindu-11-11-2022 GS-3 AGRICULTURE CONTEXT - The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has restrict… Continue Reading

Banana-The hindu-05-11-2022
2022-11-06 01:12

gs-1 Prelims – Geography Context: A science writer writes in BBC that the banana tree is equated to Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter) for fertility a… Continue Reading

Mt. Mauna Loa-The Hindu-05-11-2022
2022-11-06 00:48

Mt. Mauna Loa-The Hindu-05-11-2022 GS-1 GEOGRAPHY Mt. Mauna Loa Context: The ground is shaking and swelling at Mauna Loa, the largest active … Continue Reading

4. Curcumin-The TELEGRAPH-01-11-2022
2022-11-02 19:34

GS-3 ANIMAL HUSBANDRY-AGRICULTURE CONTEXT: Researchers validate immunity-boosting ability of ‘curcumin compound’ against mastitis in cattle. M… Continue Reading

Jaldoot-The Hindu-28-09-2022
2022-09-28 16:39

Jaldoot-The Hindu-28-09-2022 Gs-3 Water resources CONTEXT : Jaldoot— jointly developed by the Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Ministries A… Continue Reading

KRITAGYA 3.0-The Hindu-19-09-2022
2022-09-19 15:25

GS-3: AGRICULTURE : Indian Council of Agricultural Research with its National Agricultural Higher Education Project and Crop Science Division is org… Continue Reading

Stubble burning- The Hindu-19-09-2022
2022-09-19 15:17

GS-3 ENVIRONMENT : CONTEXT :A farmer burning paddy stubble on a farm at a village on the outskirts of Amritsar Stubble (parali) burning is a meth… Continue Reading

Geomagnetic storm-V2VIAS-12-09-2022
2022-09-12 17:12

GS-1 GEOGRAPHY : Geomagnetic storm A geomagnetic storm, also known as a magnetic storm, is a temporary disturbance of the Earth's magnetosphere cau… Continue Reading

Cotton cultivation-The Hindu-05-09-2022
2022-09-05 15:38

GS-3 AGRICULTURE CONTEXT Impacted by heavy rain and floods in Telangana, the cropping pattern this Kharif season has ducked the plans of the Agri… Continue Reading

Seti River-Mint-27-08-2022
2022-08-27 14:03

GS-1 Geography Context: The 52nd meeting of the Investment Board of Nepal (IBN) held on Monday decided to hand over NHPC Limited, India, to study an… Continue Reading

MITHILA MAKHANA-The Hindu-25-08-2022
2022-08-25 15:29

GS-1 CONTEXT : This healthy snack from Bihar has now made its place on the list of GI Tags in India. PRELIM & MAINS : MITHILA MAKHANA The botan… Continue Reading

Arctic warming-The Hindu-18-08-2022
2022-08-21 14:16

GS-1 Geography Context : Arctic is heating four times faster than the rest of the planet. PRELIM: Arctic amplification is the fact that… Continue Reading

Cocanada -The Hindu-13-08-2022
2022-08-18 11:57

Cocanada -The Hindu-13-08-2022 GS-1 CONTEXT : Gandhi's historical visit to Cocanada. Brief about Cocanada : Cocanada is an old name Kak… Continue Reading

JUTE INDUSTRY-The Hindu-09-08-2022
2022-08-17 12:19



Continue Reading

Krishna-Godavari River- The Hindu-09-08-2022
2022-08-17 12:12

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Parboiled rice of two rabi seasons-The Hindu-01-08-2022
2022-08-01 15:47

GS1 CONTEXT: Centre agrees to procure parboiled rice of two rabi seasons. What is Paraboiled rice? Parboiled rice is a kind of processed r… Continue Reading

Risking all for the love of Aravalis-The Hindu-01-08-2022
2022-08-01 15:43

(Dear student this topic is related to GS 1 and GS-3 also so try to be ready for main question can be asked in each GS paper. After reading this topic… Continue Reading

Krishnaraja Sagar-The Hindu-21/07/2022
2022-07-21 12:36

State- Karnataka River- a confluence of river Kaveri with its tributaries Hemavati and Lakshmana Tirtha District- Mandya.… Continue Reading

Chennai’s Napier Bridge-The Hindu(Location in news)-17/07/2022
2022-07-17 10:30

Chennai’s Napier Bridge painted like a chessboard ahead of the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad to be held in Mamallapuram near the city from July 28. In… Continue Reading

Nadabet-Map in News-1-13/07/2022
2022-07-13 19:49

Nada Bet, a small slice of land jutting into a sprawling lake, where the Seema Darshan is held. It is an opportunity for travelers to see the workings… Continue Reading

How African Sahara amplified a drought in Asia -The Hindu-06-09-2020
2020-09-07 11:17

Recent scientific studies point to a connection between the end of the Green Sahara and this mega-drought. As the Sahara started losing its vegetat… Continue Reading

Balancing priorities -THE HINDU- 10-AUG-2020
2020-08-10 21:35

NEWS: Landslide in Idukki district of Kerala has claimed 22 lives thus far and rendered several families homeless. DETAILS: Heavy rainfall in Kera… Continue Reading

CM unveils Mumbai’s new flood warning system, calls it a boon-THE HINDU-13-06-2020
2020-06-14 10:56

Context: Uddhav Thackeray unveils Mumbai’s new flood warning system, calls it a boon. Details: *The flood warning system called IFLOWS-Mumbai,… Continue Reading

CM unveils Mumbai’s new flood warning system, calls it a boon-THE HINDU-13-06-2020
2020-06-14 10:44

Context: Uddhav Thackeray unveils Mumbai’s new flood warning system, calls it a boon. Details: *The flood warning system called IFLOWS-Mumbai,… Continue Reading

Tremble after the tremors-THE HINDU-07-06-2020
2020-06-08 07:29

Details: Since May 15, the National Center for Seismology has recorded seven small earthquakes, ranging from 1.8 to 4.5 on the Richter scale, with … Continue Reading

Monsoon bounty-THE HINDU-03-06-2020
2020-06-03 22:47

Details: The monsoon has finally set in over Kerala in keeping with the textbook date of June 1. In May, the IMD had forecast a four-day delay in t… Continue Reading

Nisarga barrels towards Mumbai-THE HINDU-03-06-2020
2020-06-03 22:00

Details: Maximum City on red alert as cyclone set to make landfall near Alibaug. All activity that was set to resume from Wednesday in the State… Continue Reading

A new architecture in quake-prone areas-THE HINDU-02-06-2020
2020-06-03 08:09

Details: ” The Bhuj earthquake in 2001. A few days after the Kutch earthquake in January 2001, I was ringing the doorbell at Arthur C. Clarke’s… Continue Reading

Monsoon hits Kerala with cyclone in the background-THE HINDU-02-06-2020
2020-06-03 07:39

Details: The monsoon has arrived in Kerala, the India Meteorological Department said on Monday. This is four days earlier than what the IMD had for… Continue Reading

Cyclone brewing in Arabian Sea-THE HINDU-01-06-2020
2020-06-02 09:19

Details: The IMD has indicated that the monsoon is likely to set in over Kerala early this week though other agencies say it has already set in. Cu… Continue Reading

Nascent Arabian Sea cyclone may delay monsoon arrival-THE HINDU-30-05-2020
2020-05-31 08:57

Details: Uncertainty clouds the monsoon’s arrival over Kerala. Once the monsoon season sets in, there’s a certain uncertainty too in all weathe… Continue Reading

Bengal, Odisha get promised Rs1,500 cr.-THE HINDU-26-05-2020
2020-05-27 09:15

Details: The National Crisis Management Committee , chaired by Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba, met on Monday to discuss the relief and restoration m… Continue Reading

Amphan Cyclone -THE HINDU-22-05-2020.
2020-05-23 10:17

Details: The trail of death and devastation that Cyclone Amphan has left in West Bengal and Odisha demonstrates, once again, the fragile state of e… Continue Reading

Amphan batters West Bengal, Odisha-THE HINDU-21-05-2020
2020-05-21 22:29

Details: Three persons were killed as super cyclonic storm Amphan made landfall near Sagar Islands in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal on … Continue Reading

Amphan batters West Bengal, Odisha-THE HINDU-21-05-2020
2020-05-21 22:25

Details: Three persons were killed as super cyclonic storm Amphan made landfall near Sagar Islands in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal on … Continue Reading

3 lakh evacuated as Amphan hurtles towards Bengal coast-THE HINDU-20-05-2020
2020-05-21 09:14

Details: On Tuesday evening, the cyclone lay about 360 km south of Paradip in Odisha and 510 km south-southwest of Digha. Very high wind speeds ran… Continue Reading

Odisha, West Bengal brace for Amphan-THE HINDU-19-05-2020
2020-05-20 13:27

Details: The sea turned rough in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, on May 18, 2020, under the influence of Amphan. Currently, Amphan is located about … Continue Reading

Monsoon will arrive on June 5, says IMD-THE HINDU-16-05-2020
2020-05-16 22:46

Details: The difference in the arrival dates by both agencies is as much as a week. The normal date of onset for the State is June 1. In a statemen… Continue Reading

Andhra Pradesh to send back 13,000 tonne styrene to South Korea-THE HINDU -12-05-2020
2020-05-13 07:26

Details: The gas will be transported in two consignments: Jolted by the death of 12 persons and hundreds falling sick due to gas leak at LG Poly… Continue Reading

Green tribunal directs LG Polymers to deposit 50 cr rupees-THE HINDU-09-05-2020
2020-05-10 08:34

Details: The National Green Tribunal on Friday directed LG Polymers India to deposit an initial amount of Rs.50 crore for the damage caused by the … Continue Reading

India’s birds suffering dramatic population declines, warns scientific report
2020-02-18 20:09

News: Over a fifth of India’s bird diversity, ranging from the Short-toed Snake Eagle to the Sirkeer Malkoha, has suffered strong long-term decli… Continue Reading

New species of urban lizard found in Guwahati-THE HINDU-17-02-2020
2020-02-17 14:36

News: Guwahati, the largest city in the Northeast, has yielded a new species of lizard – the urban bent-toed gecko. Markedly different The … Continue Reading

Urban heat islands in India-THE HINDU-16-02-2020
2020-02-16 23:35

News: Understanding urban heat island effect: An urban heat island is where the temperature in a densely populated city is as much as 2 degrees … Continue Reading

New 10 Ramsar Convention-THE HINDU-29-01-2020
2020-01-30 07:31

The Ramsar Convention has declared 10 more wetland sites from India as sites of national importance. Ramsar sites are those which are declared under t… Continue Reading

New 10 Ramsar Convention-THE HINDU-29-01-2020
2020-01-30 07:16

The Ramsar Convention has declared 10 more wetland sites from India as sites of national importance. Ramsar sites are those which are declared under t… Continue Reading

2020-01-18 19:03

News: Six people were killed and 10 are believed to be missing after a bus and some pedestrians were swallowed by a sinkhole in China’s Xining ci… Continue Reading

Why are bushfires raging in Australia?-Editorial-The Hindu-12-01-2020
2020-01-12 20:40

Abstract: The Worst Bushfires in Australian History. Overview: Australia’s bushfires have razed more than 10.3 million hectares (103,300 s… Continue Reading

The Drake Passage-Indian Express-30-12-2019
2019-12-30 11:31

News: As per the Guinness World Records, the row represents, among other firsts, the first row on the Southern Ocean, the first row across the Dra… Continue Reading

Villagers in M.P. oppose removal of godman’s shrine-The Hindu- 28-12-2019, Page-5
2019-12-28 21:02

News: The Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh, in Vindhya Range in central India. It has been a wildlif… Continue Reading

Annular Solar Eclipse The Hindu-27-12-2019 -Page-1
2019-12-27 22:46

What is an Eclipse? An eclipse happens when the moon while orbiting the Earth, comes in between the sun and the Earth, due to which the moon blocks… Continue Reading